Sam's Pelmeni

Traditional Russian and Polish Dumplings.
A delicious filling wrapped in a soft thin Australian Wheat dough

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Welcome to the Australian
home of Pelmeni & pierogi

Sam’s Pelmeni and Pierogi are the most traditional Eastern European, Russian and Polish dumplings available in Australia, often referred to as pasta pockets or pastry pockets.

Our Pelmeni and Pierogi are delicious and nutritious, they are great value and an ideal frozen food. Simply boil, fry or steam them and you have a hearty, traditional Russian or Polish meal ready to eat in just minutes!

Our extensive range promises something for everyone’s taste!


Best things in life are simple

Sam’s Pelmeni and Pierogi are made with a light and tender dough shell bursting with delicious, natural ingredients. They have a perfect well-balanced ratio of filling and dough, creating its own unique and fantastic taste.

Our Pelmeni and Pierogi are simple to store in the freezer and are great boiled, steamed or fried. These dumplings are enjoyed by both adults and kids, even the pickiest eaters will love them!



Pelmeni is a traditional Russian food. Pierogi is a traditional Polish food.

Both are the most recognisable Russian and Polish foods and are now enjoyed by millions around the world. 

We pride ourselves for the quality of ingredients we use to make our Pelmeni and Pierogi, Australian sourced where possible and we do not add any preservatives or additives.


Standard and technology

We blast freeze our Pelmeni and Pierogi as they are made. This process helps to make sure our products remain fresh, full of flavour and retain as many nutrients as possible.

Our production facility is HACCP certified, and we are preparing to undergo SQF and ISO 2000 accreditations. Product safety and consistent quality are our main priorities.

Certified Pelmeni and Fork