Welcome to the Australian home of Pelmeni.

Pelmeni is a traditional Russian food, which is now enjoyed by millions around the world. In different countries Pelmeni is also known under other names such as Vareniki (dumplings with vegetarian filling), Pierogi or Perogi or Pyrogy, Koldunai, Kreplah, Manti.
Our Pelmeni is a traditional pasta pocket – a light and tender dough shell bursting with delicious, natural ingredients. Pelmeni has more filling than your average pasta and own unique and fantastic taste. At Pelmeni Foods our delectable range promises something for everyone´s taste!

Without any doubts, pelmeni is really a healthy food!
Cooking simplicity makes Pelmeni a popular fast food.

Not only is pelmeni delicious, it´s great value and an ideal frozen food. We freeze our pelmeni fresh so it keeps its home-made quality and nutritional value. Simply boil Pelmeni and you have a hearty, traditional Russian meal ready to eat in minutes!
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